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Book Review: Bats at the Library

Title:  Bats at the Library

Author: Written and illustrated by Brian Lies

ISBN: 9780618999231

Source: Personal library

This is a gorgeous book.  Although I haven’t read the other books in the series, Bats at the Ballgame or Bats at the Beach, I picked this one up because of the setting.  (Library?  Yes, please!)   I’m so glad I did.  Written in rhyme but not cheesy, it tells the story of what happens when bats find their way into the library through an open window.  They play with the overhead projector and the copier (and who isn’t tempted to make copies of themselves on an unattended copier?).  But then someone starts reading, and they all get lost in the tales.  They imagine themselves in the stories, and really, the picture of a bat Winnie-the-Pooh is worth a trip to the library in itself.  After looking at this book in the bookstore, I brought it home.  My kids are getting to the age where picture books are less appealing than chapter books.  I’m cleaning out many of the board books and only keeping the really special picture books.  This one earns a spot in our permanent home library.

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So, here’s the thing. When I was young, I read all the time. I read as much as I could, as often as I could. As I got older, my tastes moved towards almost exclusively non-fiction. How-to books, to-do books, and what-to-do books filled my shelves. Eventually, I lost interest in reading. Life got busy, and I forgot how much I enjoyed reading a good story, forgot what it was like to be transported to another time, place or life. Last year, after realizing how much I missed it, I slowly started reading some of my old favorites.  It was like meeting an old friend. Since then I’ve always had at least one book going, and a TBR pile that already needs its own bookcase. But as much as I’d love to stay in a room by myself and read as much as I want…that’s only half of it. Reading and never sharing or discussing it can begin to feel stagnant. It’s like the Dead Sea, always taking in and never giving out somewhere else. So. I wanted to join the conversation about books and reading and add one more voice to the discussion. Welcome!

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